Saturation Mailing


A saturation mailing allows the delivery of your direct mail message to an entire Zip Code or carrier route. Magnetic Attractions can map out the specific carrier routes you need, and provide real-time mail counts before anything is printed. Plus, every mail piece is personalized with their name and address to ensure delivery at the lowest postage rates possible.

Since most small business customers live 2-5 miles away, a saturation mailing is a proven, cost-effective way to drive more traffic through your doors. That's why saturation lists combined with our magnetic postcards are perfect for:

  • Pizzeria and restaurant grand openings and coupon promotions
  • Introducing a new urgent care center or other professional service
  • Informing the neighborhood about new sales promotions
  • Educating the community on recycling programs
  • Delivering contact information for local government and agency offices

At Magnetic Attractions, a saturation mailing is available as a turnkey solution. That means we can manage all of the data and subsequent steps that can make or break campaign results and impact postal rates. From carrier route mapping and list ordering to list processing, addressing and mailing, we can handle it all. These benefits may not be provided by other 3rd party mailing providers. Plus, with Magnetic Attractions;

  • We provide faster turnaround - going from postcard printing to mailing services is seamless without any delays. That means we can mail in 4 days or less
  • We cut out the costs and hassles of having postcards shipped to you or other mailing service providers
  • You don't have to coordinate and manage third party mail houses - one call to us can answer all your mailing questions
  • We will focus on getting the best postal rates possible

Call Magnetic Attractions at (800) 521-4773 for more information on saturation mailings, and to discuss your campaign requirements. Because we feel every campaign is a custom event, we believe this discussion is critical in gaining the details that will help develop quotes and recommendations that can make your campaign a success. Call or contact us today.