Everything about your election campaign is set, and your campaign message is ready to get out to voters through social, mobile, online video and TV. Great, but is your message reaching every voter you need to win? After all, not everyone is a social or digital guru. How can you make sure everyone knows about your candidate?

Political Magnets Turn Candidates into Household Names

  • Magnets can easily be mailed or handed out.
  • Supporters will love getting them and will proudly display your magnet on their refrigerator.
  • Your magnet on the refrigerator will be seen over 20,000 times during an election year.

Imagine the positive influence generated when voters see your candidate's name, face and message holding up the family artwork every time they open the fridge door. That makes magnets from Magnetic Attractions one of the best values in political advertising


Political Direct Mail Marketing Delivers Voters

  • Voters of every age love getting mail — even those voters 18-29 find mail valuable.
  • Mail reaches everyone — including all those voters who aren't on Facebook, watch online videos, own a Smartphone or have broadband Internet.
  • Depending on your campaign, a postcard can mail for less than $0.20 each.

Yes, postage can be expensive, so to get the most value from mail, your political direct mail must grab the voter's attention, and keeps their attention right up to Election Day. Magnetic Attractions has your mailing solution with our BigMagTM Magnetic Mailer.

BigMag™ Magnetic Mailers — Your Winning Choice

  • The BigMag™ is a postcard with a magnet on the back.
  • That magnet gives the BigMag™ a different feel in the mailbox, so it stands out from everything else.
  • That magnet means the BigMag™ gets on the refrigerator door instead of the trashcan or inside a drawer.

Unlike most other postcard mailings, a campaign message on a BigMag™ lands on the fridge to be seen over and over again until Election Day. That constant exposure could be a difference-maker when every vote counts.

If you want to learn more about how our magnets and magnetic mailers can reach the voters you need to win, simply give Magnetic Attractions a call at (800) 521-4773. You can also visit our Magnet Postcard and BigMag™ Mailer section of our website.

Additional pre-election magnet tips

  • Add QR Codes to all your printed political magnets and magnetic mailers. Make sure to link the code to landing pages that can be updated throughout the campaign. That's one more reason to keep the magnet on the fridge.
  • Variable printing allows for greater personalization, so don't go out with one postcard for everyone. Target your audience and give them messages that interest them. Ask us how it's done.
  • Not everyone is under 40 and a digital guru. Mailings can reach all those voters that are missed by social, online, or mobile marketing.
  • Magnets make great fundraising gifts. All those grass-root contributions deserve a thank-you gift. Magnets are an inexpensive choice that your supporters will put to use right away.
  • Print only the Candidate's Name. In the polarizing times we live in, try printing only the candidate's name on your marketing materials. Keep the parties off and might get more people to display your materials in public. It might even lead to less arguments and vandalism.