For Magnetic Attractions, the answer is a resounding "yes". Every year we partner with schools across the country eager to use promotional magnets in their overall communications and fundraising projects.

Why do they trust magnets? Because they have seen how magnets promote school spirit, remind parents and students of important dates, and help them manage school activities in today's hectic world. Plus, they see the incredible new fundraising opportunities magnets offer – especially when they sell ad space on the magnet to neighborhood businesses.

Move to the Top of the Class with Magnetic Attractions

Now is the perfect time for you to incorporate magnets into your school plans. Magnetic Attractions has a line of products including calendars, athletic schedules and custom die-cut magnets that can be printed to your specifications. From design, printing, and delivery of your magnet order, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure the best experience possible.

Magnetic Attractions also offers full mailing services that include saturation and neighborhood mailing, so you can deliver magnets to every parent and student in your district without any hassles. Ask us how we can incorporate magnet mailings into you plans.

Our Magnets – Your Next Fundraising Superstar

Have you considered magnets for your next fundraiser? You should. Magnets are the perfect way to offset "fundraising fatigue" that can occur from the typical cookie-dough or subscription fundraisers. They are fun, affordable, and used by everyone with a refrigerator or school locker. Plus, Magnetic Attractions magnets:

  • Are low cost but can marked up for big profits.
  • Can be personalized to match any logo, mascot, or school name.
  • Are an easy sell to parents, students, and boosters.
  • Will live on refrigerators and school lockers for an entire school year.
  • Can generate repeat orders every year when the new calendar and sports schedules come out.

Fundraising Quick Tip

Neighborhood pizza parlors, doctors, real estate agents and other service providers will gladly pay to advertise their name, logo and contact information on your school's magnets. To help, Magnetic Attractions has listed some of the key benefits promotional magnets can offer them.

  • Magnets on refrigerators are seen on average over 50 times a day by most households. That's over 20,000 times a year their ad will be seen.
  • 42% of people find the phone number for their local pizza restaurant on a refrigerator magnet.
  • Almost 25% of people like having their veterinary contact information on a refrigerator magnet.
  • Over 70% of people remember getting a magnet up to two years after receiving it.

Earn an "A" with the following Magnetic Attractions Products

  • BigMag Magnetic Mailers – A postcard that can include a calendar, coupons and a magnet that can be mailed through the Post Office. It's a great tool for offering coupons to parents and students.
  • Calendar Magnets – Can be printed showing the important dates in the school year. Add the school logo or mascot for a great look.
  • Schedule and Sports Magnets – A great way for fans and boosters to show their team spirit. Create one for every team and watch them sell out.
  • Student of the Month Car Magnets – A great way to salute achievement and hard work. Best of all, parents will love that they don't destroy their car like some adhesive stickers.
  • Die-Cut Logo Magnets – Create a magnet to match your logo or mascot. Our wide range of styles and shapes will make it easy.
  • Homecoming/Save the Date Mailers Combine a magnet with a postcard to let returning alumni know when the big day is.