Why is something considered "old school" still such a big hit? Because, when done right, Direct Mail continues to be effective driving sales. The trick is doing it right, and that's where magnets and magnet mailings from Magnetic Attractions can help.

Magnets Break the 3 Second Rule

Statistics show that your mailing has 3 seconds to capture the recipients' eye and avoid the trashcan. You better stand out if you want any chance of selling your product or service. Add a magnet to a postcard and instantly stand out in the eyes of the recipient because:

  • A magnet makes your mailing feel different
  • A magnet makes your mailing look different
  • A magnet makes your mailing seem special

While the recipient is noticing these differences, they are interacting with your mailing. Soon they are breaking the 3 second rule and reading your content. In fact, the DMA reported a postcard with a magnet is read over 50% more often than mailers without a magnet.

It's great to get your message read, but it's the response that separates winners from losers. Magnetic Attractions has proven to deliver gold medal results for a wide variety of businesses.

For example, our BigMag™ magnetic coupon mailers historically average between 8% - 12% response for our customers. That makes the BigMag™ a favorite for restaurants, pizza parlors and any business that integrates coupons or promotions into their marketing mix

Add a Magnet and Your Message Sticks Around Forever

After the initial response, magnets blow away all other direct mail methods when it comes to message recall. When planning your next campaign, which will you trust to generate sales weeks, months, or years after the mail date

  • A postcard with a magnet that almost immediately find a home on refrigerators, file cabinet or other high-traffic areas to be seen over 50 times a day.
  • A typical postcard that, if you're lucky, will wind up at the bottom of the junk drawer (but more than likely it will hit the trash within 3 seconds).

The magnet mailer is the recall winner. That makes Magnetic Attractions so popular with professional services, health care, or other business where months or years may pass between appointments. They know that when the time comes, their simple and inexpensive magnet will get them the call.

2 Ways Magnetic Attractions Makes Magnet Mailings Easy

Now that we've convinced you about the value of offering a magnetic mailing to your customers, we want to show how we can make the experience easy for you.

  • Magnetic Attractions is your 100% turnkey solution. We will print, affix and mail your magnetic postcard at the best postage rates possible. Just send us the artwork and your job is done.
  • Magnetic Attractions is your vendor partner. Send us the printed postcard and we will affix the magnet and handle all the mailing and postal issues.

Contact Magnetic Attractions at 800 521-4773 to talk with a representative about magnetic postcard mailings. We can get you started on your first mailing or help you to sell the features and benefits to your customers. Just let us know how we can help.