From building brand awareness to driving delivery orders, a magnet carries a promotional message that is more likely to wind up in the best possible place (such as a refrigerator) when a customer is thinking about what to have for dinner. Impact the ordering decision with a reminder of your proximity to their home, and any coupons or special offers that can be used to save money.

Our magnetic marketing solutions are effective as standalone products, but they can also be added to any social media or mobile marketing campaign with the inclusion of a QR code.

Magnets Make Your Message Stick

There are three time-tested and proven advertising techniques used by many restaurants:

Whether you are looking to drive more deliveries, introduce online ordering or just build name recognition, Magnetic Attractions has a magnet for that – and at a value that can fit into any budget.

Promote the Pie - Rewarding Your Best Customers

One creative - and environmentally responsible - method for rewarding your best customers is our Promote the Pie program. We produce a custom slice magnet that you hand out to customers. Collecting 8 slices forms a full pizza, which your customer can redeem for a free pizza (or any other offer). Best of all, you get the magnets back to use over and over again.

Multiple Locations? We've Got A Plan for That

From one restaurant in the neighborhood, to locations across all 50 states, Magnetic Attractions can tailor a coordinated promotional plan that fits your needs. Our National Accounts program has over 20 years of experience developing and executing pizza chain marketing. That's one less worry to cram into your busy schedule. You'll receive dedicated customer support, special products, and pricing, and even a custom ecommerce site created just for you.

Contact us today for more information about our National Accounts program.