Health Care Service Providers – including Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals, Clinics, and Urgent Care Centers – can face some major challenges when it comes to marketing their services, which we hope to illustrate using an example of a neighborhood Urgent Care Center.

It's 10:00 pm and Fred Smith needs a doctor, but office hours aren't for another 10 hours. Meanwhile, Doctor's X and Y run an Urgent Care Center 5 blocks from Fred. They are open until midnight, will take his insurance and have few people in the waiting room. However, since Doctor's X & Y only use word of mouth to attract patients, Fred had no idea their Urgent Care exists and drives to the local ER instead.

To grow their practice, Doctors X and Y realize that to treat more patients, they must start treating their practice like any other business. That means:

  • That like any other business, their Urgent Care Center (actually all health care centers) must advertise to succeed.
  • But, unlike other businesses that can run an ad and get instantaneous results, health care providers may go for weeks or months before their services are needed. Their success will depend on finding the right type of advertising that will keep them front and center until patients need them.

Or, as Doctor X asks, "Is there a way to advertise within our neighborhood so whatever we do (print, mail, etc.) our efforts will continue to reward us with prospective patients’ weeks, months or even years after seeing our ad?"

The Solution – Magnets and Magnet Mailers from Magnetic Attractions

Quite simply, our promotional magnets, BigMags and magnetic postcards are simple, inexpensive, and effective marketing tools for a growing number of health care professionals looking for greater profits. Their success is a result of the 3 R's all our magnets offer.

Our 3 R's Attract Advertising Success

Reach – Products like the BigMag or Laminated Postcards (a postcard with a magnet affixed to 1 side) can be designed, printed, and mailed to any mailing list.

  • You can saturate your entire neighborhood with your contact information, hours, location, accepted insurance, etc.
  • Magnetic Attractions can handle all your data needs
  • Along with our postcard mailings, we offer Business Card, Calendar, Schedule, Stock and Custom magnets that you can hand out to everyone that walks into your center. (These magnets will find a home on the refrigerator, not the junk drawer that's the common home for paper flyers.)


Results – Surveys by the Direct Marketing Association have shown that magnets get proven results.

  • A postcard with a magnet is read 52% more than postcards without,
  • Adding a magnet to a postcard will increase response rates by over 73%.
  • Internally, Magnetic Attractions customers on average have reported an 8% - 10% response from using a BigMag mailer.


Recall – Is what sets our magnetic products apart from print, TV, radio or other local advertising opportunities.

  • Your message on our magnets will find a home on refrigerator doors throughout your neighborhood.
  • That means your contact information will be seen every time that door open, or about 55 times a day, or 20,000 times a year if you're keeping track.
  • In surveys, 72% of respondents remember getting a promotional magnet 2 years after receiving it.


What does this mean for health care centers? Magnets and magnet mailings can deliver the reach, response and recall you need to drive patients through your doors. Contact a Magnetic Attractions representative today to see how the power of magnets can attract more patients to your practice.

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