From building brand awareness to driving delivery orders, a magnet carries a promotional message that is more likely to wind up in the best possible place (such as a refrigerator) when a customer is thinking about what to have for dinner. Impact the ordering decision with a reminder of your proximity to their home, and any coupons or special offers that can be used to save money.

Our magnetic marketing solutions are effective as standalone products, but they can also be added to any social media or mobile marketing campaign with the inclusion of a QR code.

A - Awareness

Donations can happen only after people know about you and your cause. Magnetic Attractions has 2 Magnetic Postcard products that make it a little easier to build awareness and get your story out by using direct mail to a targeted audience, or entire neighborhood.

  • Laminated Postcard – Our full-color postcard gives you room to tell your story, while the attached promotional magnet can act as a constant reminder of your good works in the future. View Laminated Postcard details here
  • BigMag Magnetic Postcard – We add a magnetic strip to a postcard for nonprofit marketing that sticks to the fridge. That makes a BigMag perfect for more time-sensitive events like walk-a-thons, school fundraisers or community events that can easily be ignored or forgotten.

R – Retention

Promotional magnets can deliver that constant reminder you need to retain donors – and when you consider 75% of new donors leave and never donate again – everyone can use a little extra help. From our 4-in-1 Promotional Magnet, Business Card Magnets, Stock Die Shape Magnets and Custom Shaped Magnets, you can find a magnet that can stick around to be seen for years. They are an easy, and inexpensive, way to stay unforgettable.

There are many other keys to donor retention beyond promotional magnets. One of those is the follow-up. It’s imperative that you stay in touch, share updates of your work, and ask for feedback throughout the year. It’s also important to say thanks, which leads to…

T – Thank You

Promotional Magnets make great nonprofit Freemiums, Premiums and Thank You gifts because they are:

  • Useful – From photo frame magnets that showcase their family memories to Magnetic Bookmarks that makes reading more enjoyable, you can give donors something they will value because they are so useful.
  • Thoughtful – Promotional magnets are physical items that take a little effort to produce. Add your logo and contact information, and donors will think of you every time they look at your magnet.
  • Social – Promotional Magnets, especially Outdoor and Car Magnets, provide your donors a chance to show everyone the issues they find important. Plus, those magnets deliver one more way to attract more donors to your cause.

If your nonprofit is looking for a way to bring more A.R.T. to your fundraising efforts, contact Magnetic Attractions at (800) 521-4773. We have the magnets and magnetic mailers that can work for you.