Our innovative products can promote your appearance before, during and even after the event, so your customers will remember your name even when the show is over.

A save-the-date magnet is a great way to inform your customers of the time and place of the tradeshow:

  • Send a postcard magnet to promote your appearance, and the benefits to your customers of attending the show.
  • At your show booth, pass out business card magnets with your company information, or one of our magnetic puzzles that offer a creative means to get your message out.
  • After the show, send those who visited your booth a magnetic calendar that they can use throughout the year, and be reminded of your company every time they check a day or date.

We’ll Work With You

Magnetic Attractions will work with you on a coordinated promotional effort to help you get the most out of your next tradeshow. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

More Tradeshow Tips

In addition to our magnetic promotional products, there are other ways to enhance your brand and product visibility at your next tradeshow.

  • Go with a game plan in mind. Create a list of goals you hope to achieve at the show and focus on them throughout the event.
  • Don’t attend every show - choose only those where your customer base will be well represented.
  • Research booth design trends to find out which type of booth draws the most customers.
  • Carefully choose the staff that will represent your company at the next show, based on their people skills, company knowledge and personality.
  • Qualify and prioritize your leads after the show, so you can concentrate your efforts on those most likely to become new customers.
  • Measure your results and use that information to make your next tradeshow appearance even more successful.